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There are numerous Group Tour friendly locations in Indiana County that are perfect for your group.  

Such Places Include:

                          • The Jimmy Stewart Museum
                          • Smicksburg Amish Countryside
                          • Clean & Green Living
                          • Underground Railroad Museum
                          • Our Famous Neighbor Phil
                          • Wineries, Spirits & Craft Beers
                          • Festivals/Fairs
                          • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
                          • The Roots of America
                          • History in the Outdoors

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Group Tour Services Available

Our “It’s A Wonderful Life” Festival Holiday Mystery Tour 

Nearby Attractions

Below are links to sample itineraries, complete with suggested

themes for each itinerary, available for your group.

Looking for even more specific itineraries?  

Below are examples of itineraries that already include a calculated timeline.

Indiana County is a very diverse area that offers tour operators a varied selection of itineraries that includes history, living presentations, hands on activities and the Smicksburg Amish community.   These itineraries are samples of available activites throughout Indiana County.  They are subject to change at any time due to schedule and route changes.  We can create a custom itinerary that fits your group’s schedule, activity level and interests.

Indiana County is very unique in that it offers something that no other area has; Hometown of Hollywood Actor Jimmy Stewart and The Christmas Tree Capital of the World.  We couple these two attributes into one itinerary and offer it year round.  No matter what the weather is outside, come to Indiana for an extra special Christmas Experience.

Looking for something different? Visit a medieval castle, or create a clay pot at a pottery studio, learn the process of growing a Christmas Tree or enjoy sampling wines at one of our local wineries.

We can also arrange cocktail parties and meals at various attraction venues and incorporate an activity along with your meal.

We will do what we can, so you can Come for Fun, Take Home a Memory!