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Indiana's Historic Sixth Street Walking Tour

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Located in downtown Indiana, Pennsylvania, is historical Sixth Street. This walking tour takes visitors past 15 notable buildings all located within a four-block area. The tour features a Federal style structure house dating back to 1823, an eclectic, two-story brick house that merges two popular styles: Second Empire and Italian Villa. A stone, Gothic Revival church boasts weatherings, buttresses, and large pointed stained glass windows with tracery. Several of the buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places including The Old Indiana County Courthouse, with a clock tower and the Silas M. Clark House characterized by the use of S-brackets, a low pitched gable roof, a bay window, round-headed windows, and a tall, square tower.

Underground Railroad Walking/Driving Tour

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Come explore freedom's path as you leisurely drive through lush country sides and quaint small towns. In the early 19th century, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, was known for its strong anti-slavery sentiment and willingness to aid fugitive slaves. The first anti-slavery societies were organized in the 1830's, and in the decades before the Civil War men, women and children of Indiana County, black and white, of various religious beliefs and social stations, gave a helping hand to the freedom-seekers traveling on the Underground Railroad. On this driving tour, you, too, will travel the roads, see the places and hear the stories of people who loved liberty enough to risk everything to ensure it to all Americans. The walking tour begins at the Underground Railroad Museum in Blairsville and guides you through the streets and buildings within a twelve block radius. Continue outside Blairsville and follow the driving tour that leads you to various historical sites throguhout the entire Indiana County.